Articles written by our priests, religious, Diocesan seminarians, and lay people:

“My Experience of Seminary Formation in Rome”
-by David Angelino (Seminarian)

“My Son is a Seminarian”
-by the Parents of Seminarian Jimmy Hawkins: Jim & Ellen Hawkins

“Singled Out For Christ”
-by Mitchell Blackburn (Seminarian)

“My Experience of Intellectual Formation in Seminary”
-by Ricardo Arriola (Seminarian)

“The Importance of Liturgy”
-by Logan Robinson (Seminarian)

“My Experience of Service in Seminary Formation”
-by Jeison Cortez (Seminarian)

“Why I Love The Catholic Church”
-by Jose Alonso (Seminarian)

“Liturgy of the Hours in Seminary Formation”
-by Julian Ohizu (Seminarian)

The Joy of My Life As A Priest
-by Fr. Jude E. Ezuma (Co-Cathedral of the Sacred Heart)